Cars and Caves

Cars and Caves

We are back on schedule for 2021!

Cars and Caves is a last Saturday of the month car show running from May through September.

See the virtual car show in Virtual Tours.

Cars...  This show features exotic, classic, custom, and collector cars. You know, the type that you don't see in the parking lots. If you have one of these cars, you likely want to get out and drive it or show it off. This is the place for you!

Garages...  Yes, the cars are cool, but check out the garages! Chanhassen AutoPlex is known around the country for their amazing man caves. These garages feature amazing car and automobilia collections. Many of the garages are themed to reflect the owner's specific interest. Many of the garages are open for viewing.

Free...  There is no cost to bring your car or family. All of the shows are sponsored by a charity group. These groups may ask for a donation, but the donation is not required. 100% of any funds raised belong to the charity.

Family Friendly... Bring the spouse and the kids. If your family hasn't enjoyed some other car shows where you had to drag them along, this is the car show for you. The air conditioned club house is a good place to get out of the sun, rest your feet, or use clean indoor plumbing. The garage owners are friendly, often inviting the little ones to get their picture taken in a car or handing out stickers.


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